“OFF to Vienna AUSTRIA for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! YES ” – DocuVLOG – JUDOPIA – webisode #12

Webisode # 12
2 months after returning from the greatest city on earth, ADDIS ABABA….to the capital of boredom, OTTAWA. I jumped back into the matrix called documentary filmmaking and headed to the old city of Vienna, Austria via London,BoringEngland for the 2012 JIUJITSU WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to continue the ongoing filming and production of this documentary on the Judo and Jiujitsu scene in Ethiopia. WOOOOOOOOOOOH!

Welcome to the Director’s docuVLOG.

A small look into my documentary journey/project “Judopia – Martial arts in Ethiopia” (working title for now). This webisode series is the NOT actual the documentary I’m currently working on but rather an ongoing short video series on this project and it’s development. Roughly filmed and edited using a simple point and shoot cam.

Stay tuned for Webisode # 13!

For more information of the actual documentary, Judopia.
Visit: https://judopia.wordpress.com/

Note: This music is a Royalty free!
All these royalty free songs used in this video are created by: © 2012 Kevin MacLeod and made available online by http://incompetech.com



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