“Hiphop Karaoke, TeamETH, Red, 막걸리, Christmas Market VIENNA” – Judopia – docuvlog webisode 18

Webisode #18
TIME is running! But the FUN never ends. I met up with TEAM ETHIOPIA and we headed to the world famous Christmas Market in Vienna! Indeed, the day was cold and frigid but TEAM ETHIOPIA energy kept the day eventful and funny. Got to film some more of Vienna and it’s stunning architecture. Even drank some 막걸리! GANGNAM STYLE 4 real. WOOOOOO!

Welcome to the Director’s docuVLOG.

A small look into my documentary journey/project “Judopia – Martial arts in Ethiopia” (working title for now). This webisode series is the NOT actual the documentary I’m currently working on but rather an ongoing short video series on this project and it’s development. Roughly filmed and edited using a simple point and shoot cam.

Stay tuned for Webisode # 19!

For more information of the actual documentary, Judopia.
Visit: https://judopia.wordpress.com/



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